Thursday, March 20, 2008

Black Box, featuring 'Night Terrors'

The Black Box e-anthology (featuring my flash fiction story "Night Terrors") is now available for pre-order.

So what's inside? From the Brimstone Press website:

100 of the darkest, most surreal flash fiction stories from 80 of the hottest horror and fantasy authors: Will Elliott, Stephen Dedman, Lucy Sussex, Robert Hood, Richard Harland, Kaaron Warren, Mikal Trimm, Jay Caselberg, Rick Kennett, Martin Livings, Trent Jamieson, Lee Battersby, and more!

Music from the best Australian alternative, gothic opera, metal, and hip hop artists. Dandelion Wine, Wendy Rule, Opera Macabre, Pathogen, Temujin, Empyrean, The Eternal, and more!

Electronic galleries of dark art from the finest Australian and emerging international artists. Andrew J McKiernan, Adam Duncan, John Banitsiotis, Brian Smith, Bryn Sparks, and more!

Plus all the multimedia nastiness and surprises you loved from Shadow

All profits will be donated to the Australian Horror Writers Association.

Thursday, March 06, 2008