Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Horror Day!

In honour of the occasion, I thought I'd throw some horror-related stuff together.

For a start, head over to Articulate, where I've done a bit of a Horror Day wrap.

Interviews with Australian horror Writers

Q & A: An Australian werewolf (lover) in London (June 2006)

Q & A: The three personalities of Edwina Grey (June 2006)

Rocky Wood: getting stuck into Stephen King (June 2006)

Other horror-related features

Q&A: 'Goosebumps' creator R L Stine (September 2006)

And the lurch goes on... (May 2006)

At work with Ellen Datlow (May 2006)

When Evil Reigns: horror on a budget (May 2006)

Horror re-makes: one more for the road (April 2006)

The life and deaths of Jason Voorhees (January 2006)

Horror-themed comics

An Interview With Stephen King

An Interview With David Malouf (The link is tenuous, but it's there!)

Bob the 'Postal' Worker (And even more tenuous)

Some of my horror fiction

To The Gates of Hell (Aug 2006): The rich will live forever: that was the promise. But Roy's attempt to escape a dying planet is complicated by a violent rebellion.

Black (Apr 2006): A scientist discovers the ultimate shade of black, with horrifying results.

No Man's Land (Dec 2004): A World War I veteran reflects on a harrowing Christmas on the front line.

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