Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Summit' published by Bright Light Multimedia

I've just discovered that my short story "Summit" - about a climber who has to deal with the anguish of almost climbing Mt Everest - was featured in the August edition of Brilliant! (newsletter of Bright Light Multimedia and the Bright Light Cafe).

Publishers Barbara Llewellyn and Rod Kirkham write: "Gary's story is inspiring and heart-warming and we feel sure many people will relate to it on a very personal level even if you, like us, have never climbed Mount Everest."

Click here to read "Summit".


ed gorman said...

Hi Gary--great website & blog. Thanks again for such a great King interview. If they ever do another collection of pieces about him, yours should be included. Best Ed Gorman

Gary Kemble said...

Thanks Ed. btw, I think this comment is meant to be on the post below, but that's cool.