Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ian Fleming's writing regime

At the launch of the new James Bond novel Devil May Care, Sebastian Faulks says:

"In his house in Jamaica, Ian Fleming used to write a thousand words in the morning, then go snorkelling, have a cocktail, lunch on the terrace, more diving, another thousand words in late afternoon, then more Martinis and glamorous women.

"In my house in London, I followed this routine exactly, apart from the cocktails, the lunch and the snorkelling."

Never mind the cocktails and glamorous women - I'm just envious of anyone who can get through 2,000 words a day.

(Via Articulate - click to see the Bond girl!)


Kate Eltham said...

Ah, but if your life is one of swimming, drinking and, ahem, seducing, wouldn't you be relaxed about a daily word target like that?

What a life! *dreamy sigh* (except I'd obviously substitute the women for replicas of George Clooney and James McAvoy)

Natalie Hatch said...

at the moment I'm doing 5,000 a day but there's nothing getting done in the way of housework, or others, too tired to seduce sexy men, not enough money to grab anything other than milk arrowroots as a snack, as for snorkelling? well let's just say the bath tub, a dozen toys, some bubbles and three kids laughing their heads off. Yeah can't get better than tha...