Monday, December 08, 2008

Brains for breakfast: on hold

Due to the gloomy economic situation, Brimstone Press has had to reassess its slate for 2009, and has put Brains for Breakfast on the backburner.

I'm confident the Brimstone team will do everything they can to make sure Brains sees the light of day. It's hard to keep a good zombie down, after all.

So hang in there, everyone. In the meantime, you can help Brains for Breakfast rise from the grave by supporting Brimstone Press.

Here's a few ideas:

* subscribe to Black magazine. (Issue 3 features Alice Cooper, Ben Templesmith, John Birmingham, Eihi Shiina, Australia's coffin culture, a special report on Satanism, and much, much more;

* Pre-order Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror vol 3 (featuring my zombie short story "Dead Air");

* Pick up a copy of e-anthology Black Box (and help the Australian Horror Writers Association at the same time).

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