Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tweet digest

  • 15:49 Can I write 400 words in 15 minutes? Let's see. #
  • 16:06 Yep! So, theoretically, I could write 1,600 in an hour, if I could maintain focus. #
  • 16:07 And yes, I realise that many of these words are crap. And that it's not a race. But I need a 'complete' MS to edit. #
  • 16:08 I've been thinking lately my ideas are too complex for a 'first novel', and that maybe I could apply a novel mindset to short story ideas. #
  • 19:47 Can I write another 400 words before 8pm, with a splitting headache and a desire for chocolate ice cream? Let's see. #
  • 19:49 @wolfcat Apple-c. Apple-v. Done! Bring on the ice cream and Nurofen. #
  • 20:01 Ding! 300. Not bad, considering that included a smart-arse remark to @wolfcat and a conversation with my wife about Dr Seuss in French. #
  • 20:01 @wolfcat And in answer to your previous question -- ideally the words should make sense. #
  • 20:06 @gary_kemble I bow before thee, fake kemble #
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