Thursday, August 06, 2009

David Rollins talks about KAL007 in The Zero Option

I interviewed Australian author David Rollins last week about his latest book, The Zero Option, which offers a new theory on the 1983 shootdown of Korean Airlines flight 007.

You can read the feature here. (And there's a really interesting wikipedia article here)

I particularly like this quote:

After I wrote The Zero Option I sent it to a number of people around the world, just to give me notes, and one of them was a producer in Hollywood. After he read the book he said 'keep your eye on the rear-vision mirror for a while'. And it's something that a few people have said to me.

It's a good read, by the way, and I'm envious of Rollins getting to all those far-flung corners of the globe!

I'm going to post some extra bits and pieces from the interview on Articulate, probably tomorrow.

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