Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grant year, week six: writing and more 'location scouting'

Regained a bit of momentum this week. I hit my 30,000-word target relatively easily. I still feel the urge to have a 'write club'-style grant day where I just go for maximum word count, so I can get a bit of a buffer. On the other hand, it's nice to work week to week because you often get little ideas that you can explore as the story develops.

A case in point -- Red Hill Skate Arena. I didn't think of this place at all when I was thinking up scene ideas last year. When we were living at Bardon I never really went past the place, so why would I even think about it? Since we've moved to The Gap, I pass by whenever I'm heading into the city or West End. It's quite a forlorn building. It burned down in 2002 and, for whatever reason, the building hasn't been demolished. So it just sits there, the charred bones of its roof timbers pointing up to the sky. It fits with a theme that's developing about the price of 'progress'.

Research-wise, I still haven't been able to get to State Library, which has been closed due to flooding. I'm still chasing some information about the tattooing scene in Brisbane in the 90s. And I'm still trying to have a yarn with a psychic to talk about readings. I don't urgently need this stuff. Down the track, I'm going to need to find out about how tattoos fare on dead bodies, do some reading up on graverobbing, and a whole host of other macabre stuff!

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