Sunday, September 04, 2011

Grant year, week 35: tunnel vision

Tunnel vision is what I wished I had. It's what I'm aiming for. Not quite achieving.

I've been working on some prep work for the ABC's '9/11 Remembered' coverage. It has been really engrossing work. It has also affected me emotionally. Reading first-hand accounts of people who were in New York City and Washington DC on 9/11. Also reading some background published in the years after 2001. Like 'the jumpers', which I'd somehow forgotten about (or maybe blocked from my memory).

Towards the end of last week I was feeling a bit freaked out. I decided that I probably need to vent, by writing a short story. Which I can't do at the moment because I need to stay focussed. Now that the grant is over, I don't have that safety net that allowed me to follow (writing-related) diversions. The only time I have is in the evenings, after the kids are asleep, and maybe a bit of time on the weekends.

There are things I'd like to do. I'd like to enter another manuscript into Pan Mac's Manuscript Monday.

I need to critique the last act of a friend's manuscript.

I've also got a growing urge to start work on a totally unrelated MS. This thing would be deadly to get into. It's alt-history, set in the 80s, and would require a lot of research.

It's probably the worst possible thing I could do at the moment.

Sounds like I'm having a whinge! I know pretty much all writers face the same issue, daily. Finding time to write. And dealing with the fact that no matter how much time they can find, it's never enough!

Anyway, that's where I am. Now, back to work on the 2nd draft.

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