Saturday, June 24, 2006

Superheroes: comical, mythical, real

We had a good response over on Articulate to our post about whether or not Superman is still relevant.

I thought it was funny how some people wrote about him as though he's a real person...

"Being Superman is no walk in the park. He's the ultimate orphan - he last of his species. He looks human but isn't, and that must eat at him every day. His enhanced hearing and sight mean that the evils of the world are impossible to hide from. And his 'truth/justice' stance makes it impossible for him to ignore them."

On the strength of the response (and also because I managed to get my hands on the 'special edition' of Superman for a $10!) I did a Movie Minutiae on the original movie.

It's interesting how back in the late 70s they had a huge discussion about the size/shape of Superman's codpiece. Sort of makes you wonder if the Superman Returns codpiece controversy is manufactured.

Currently, in my intray I've got an email interview with Troy author Simon Brown and publisher Russell B Farr, which will be interesting when I finally get to it (work is looking a bit hairy writing-wise over the next couple of weeks). For those who don't know, Troy is a collection of short stories that each take a different angle on the Trojan War.

And I've also got to transcribe an interview with Nick Earls, who I met last week. I caught up with Nick before he sets off on the publicity trail for his new book, Monica Bloom, and the film version of 48 Shades of Brown, which is headlining at this year's BIFF.

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