Saturday, July 15, 2006

Literal Man: one in a million

I haven't yet introduced you to Literal Man via Comic of the Week yet, but you can get a sneak preview over at the One Million Masterpiece.

The deal is, you donate 3.5 quid to charity and you get to draw a square. The finished picture will be 80 metres wide and the effort, if completed will go into the Guinness Book of Records.

It's cool how you can see how artists drew their picture, by clicking on the 'play' button in the bottom right-hand corner.

He looks pretty rough -- I had to draw him right-handed using the mouse (I'm left-handed) and there weren't that many tools available.

But it's all for a good cause.

In other news... check out this Star Trek maze, it's full-on. And I've also had some good feedback to this week's Movie Minutiae. (Readers telling me I screwed up, but they were nice about it, so that's cool!)

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