Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Q&A: rediscovering Troy

If you think reading The Iliad and watching Eric Bana and Brad Pitt duking it out on the big screen tells the full story of Troy, think again.

How about Achilles against the backdrop of 1930s Germany, an encounter between an elderly literary critic and the first conscious artificial intelligence, Ajax, or the Trojan War set in the distant future, featuring a race of eight-foot-tall Greeks?

All of these visions of Troy, and more, feature in a collection of short stories that was originally slated for publication in 1998 but has only just made it into print.

Troy's journey from the first short story to eventual publication by independent publisher Ticonderoga is almost an epic in itself.

I spoke with author Simon Brown and editor Russell B Farr, and you can read the feature here.

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