Tuesday, January 23, 2007

P-Mail: 'Like e-mail, only slower'

P-Mail -- paper-based e-mail

Inspired by Get a First Life, which I discovered on BoingBoing yesterday, I've developed P-Mail - paper-based e-mail!


1. Download the P-Mail template.

2. Print it out. (You'll need to scale it, so it all fits on one page)

3. 'Write' to your friends.

4. 'Post' the letter (this requires an envelope and stamps).

UPDATE 3/4: As used by Google!

UPDATE 24/1: Eay has kindly produced an easy-to-use PDF file. (You can also check out his note on Flickr) Thanks!

UPDATE: I've been BoingBoinged! Woohoo!


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Killer. You should apply for a patent. It's the perfect twist to the "do X on the internet" patents.

meaghann said...

This is hilarious, thanks :)

Helen said...

This rocks, I love it! When the mail came today, I said to Mum "all the email is for you" and then realised what I had said lol.

Gary Kemble said...

Thanks guys! Years ago I had a couple of friends living across the other side of the city. They didn't have a phone so we used to write to each other all the time. It was really fun. Tried doing something similar with a blog a year or so back, but it's just not the same!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this.

This year I started a handwritten blog just to see if I could even remember how to do it. It has been a chore, but I'm slowly working it out. Your form is just what the doctor ordered.


Eay said...

Hi Gary, I made an easy-to-print PDF-version of your template and look an this. ;-)

Anonymous said...

cease and desist order

We canines have been using the term "pee mail", commonly abbrev. "p-mail" to describe the communication methodology of leaving messages encrypted in urinary markings.

Please stop using this confusing term for your product as it infringes on a well know product name. Also, stop putting that blue stuff in the toilet bowl. It tastes funny.

Rover, esq.

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant, thanks!

I particularly liked the backward-compatability.

Just so you know, I've plugged this on my journal. I hope that's ok.

Gary Kemble said...

Frank - I believe a handwritten blog is called a 'diary' or 'journal' :)

Thanks for the PDF eay -- I'll update the post.

Rover -- I'll see what I can do, but once these things are out there under CC licenses, anything can happen. Re: the blue stuff, I don't put it in... I'm paranoid about getting stuck in my dunny and having to drink the water!

Liz said...

Thanks for this! I plan on printing out a 1000, writing about my great discount prices on Cialis and penis enlargements, and mailing them to strangers. :)

Gary Kemble said...

Thanks Liz!

Or how about, "I, daughter of former Economics Minister of Nigeria, am writting to inform you of a grave situation involveding $US1 dollars".


Ontario Emperor said...

Did you ever see the Google search engine, circa 1960? Gmail isn't the only thing that can be improved.