Sunday, December 24, 2006

Book of Shadows

My contributor's copy (and a copy I bought for Mum for Chrissie) arrived in the post this week and it looks fantastic.

For those who don't know, Book of Shadows is a compilation of stories published in Shadowed Realms.

After the edition my story, "Ad Infinitum", was published, the editors changed the maximum word count to 1,000, which means most of the stories in BoS are perfect for busy people!

My story sits alongside a host of dark fiction heavy-hitters, including Poppy Z Brite, Terry Dowling, Robert Hood, Stephen Dedman, Kurt Newton, Greg Beatty, Martin Livings, Lee Battersby, Josh Rountree, Mikal Trimm and Melissa Marr.

And for what it's worth to those outside the speculative fiction community, Brimstone is the only Australian publisher dedicated to dark fiction -- so it's worth supporting them.

You can buy it here, so what are you waiting for!

(You can read more about Brimstone Press here).


Anonymous said...

Shadowed Realms is certainly one of the best professional dark fiction markets out there, and worthy of all the support it gets.

I hope you are gettin' commission for all that promotion, Gary?


Gary Kemble said...

Hi Brian,

Just like any emerging dark fiction writer in Australia, it's important to support the people who are actually publishing the stuff!