Sunday, March 11, 2007

Review: The Devil in Brisbane

Over at HorrorScope, Miranda Siemienowicz has reviewed The Devil in Brisbane (which features my "gritty and emotive" story "The Deal").

"The Devil in Brisbane is a charming and unique anthology. Using thirty stories all building on the same central premise, a portrayal of the art of writing, the character of the Devil in literature, and the colourful waterside city of Brisbane emerges that feels more rounded than it could in any one of the stories within. Images recur of writers' aspirations and dreams and the turbulent relationship they hold with writing. In some ways it is a self-indulgent anthology, written by and for writers. Reading it is a playful and warm experience, delightful for anyone who can relate to the angst and desire of the characters within; a perfect book for the dedicated wordsmith."


Cameron Rogers said...

Hi Gary. I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning The Music of Razors over on the Auntie site. That was bloody awesome.

Best, Cam.

Gary Kemble said...

No worries. It's an interesting yarn. I've also seeded it on Newsvine (so if you're a newsvine user you might want to go and vote on it!)