Monday, April 07, 2008

James Doig on Australia's horror heritage

I have just interviewed James Doig on his Australian Gothic and Australian Nightmares anthologies of vintage Australian horror/supernatural fiction.

"I guess there is a danger here that we're becoming homogenised, subsumed by the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Just as the regional ghost story in the United States and Britain has pretty much disappeared, there is a danger that national traditions will go the same way. Too many modern stories have their roots in American popular culture - Stephen King, Hannibal Lector, Night of the Living Dead - rather than our own traditions.

"That said, I should say that our best writers have their own unique, distinctly Australian, voices. Terry Dowling, Margo Lanagan and Lucy Sussex are as good as anyone writing today, and there are many more who are right up there."

Read the full feature on Articulate...

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