Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The web freaks me sometimes

I'm acting photo editor at work for the next two weeks, so I've been paying more attention than usual to Flickr.

Check out most recent uploads - 4.600-odd in the past minute. All kinds of photos, from arty to family snapshots to just plain weird.

I found this excellent photo of Dan Deacon at the Coachella Festival, blogged it at Articulate and then commented on the photo page. Within minutes, Mick O had posted a comment back at Articulate.

Until I found that photo I'd never heard of Dan Deacon, or the Coachella Festival, and certainly not of Mick O! Now I've got a relationship with Mick O. I mean, obviously it's a very shallow one but it's a seed, and some of these seeds will grow.

I've also recently renewed my acquaintaince with Facebook - for better or for worse. :) Since giving up on it a while back, they've introduced this "People you may know" feature. It's bizarre, seeing all these people you very barely know, you may have met once, or people from your deep, dark past. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but it will definitely change many people's lives, if only in a small way.

These are just a couple of tiny, tiny examples, but I sometimes get the sense that the wired world is on the verge of something.

And as a writer, it all feeds into the subconscious (along with all the juicy tidbits of knowledge I pick up off Wikipedia).

(P.S. This blog post is also a test of Writer, a nifty little web-based word processing program. You write stuff on it, then can save it, email it, post drafts to your blog. It's pretty cool)

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