Saturday, June 14, 2008

Black: turn to the dark side

Finally, I get to reveal where all my spare time has been going lately:

Western Australian publisher Brimstone Press is proud to announce the launch of a major new national magazine - aptly titled BLACK: Australian Dark Culture - that exposes Australia's attraction to the dark side.

BLACK covers pop culture and entertainment with a dark flair: from movies, music, and books, to politics, witchcraft, fashion, comics, gaming, true crime, bizarre medical cases, and much more.

BLACK editor-in-chief Angela Challis describes the magazine as a revelation and one of the few genuinely new offerings at news stands.

"Crime dramas are the most popular shows on TV, horror movies are flooding video stores, and paranormal books are incredibly popular," she said.

"Everyone is drawn to the dark side … and there is clearly a demand for dark-themed entertainment, but until now, there has not been a publication that caters to the enjoyment of all things dark. BLACK will fill this expanding and increasingly popular niche."

BLACK managing editor and political reporter Shane Jiraiya Cummings views the magazine as a vehicle to explore the darker side of the human spirit, as well as pop culture and entertainment.

"Almost everyone loves the villain, and BLACK caters for that, but dark culture is more than just scary movies and brooding anti-heroes," he said.

"BLACK addresses serious social issues that many consider taboo like alternative lifestyles, euthanasia, and political censorship – such as China's ban on supernatural movies and literature in the lead-up to the Olympics, which we're covering in our launch issue."

The launch issue features:

* Heath Ledger as The Joker in the upcoming Batman movie The Dark
: the fateful role that may have led to his death.
* M. Night Shyamalan on his new movie The Happening.
* China's Olympic ghost ban.
* Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
* A glimpse into life as a dominatrix.
* A tour through
Brisbane's necropolis.
* Interviews with Australian authors Robert Hood, Marty Young, and Nathan Burrage.
* … and an AUSTRALIAN EXCLUSIVE! – A new short story by STEPHEN KING (from his upcoming book Just After Sunset).
* Plus competitions, news, fiction, opinion pieces, and an extensive HorrorScope review section!

Contributors to issue one include Gary Kemble, Rocky Wood, Chuck McKenzie, Josephine Pennicott, David Caroll, Leigh Blackmore & Margi Curtis, Mark Smith-Briggs, Bella Dee, Dr Carissa Borlase, James
, and more!

BLACK magazine will be on sale nationwide from July 14.

Further information on BLACK magazine (including subscription information* ) can be found at

* Australian Horror Writers Association members will receive a subscription discount, so if you are an AHWA member, please email your interest via the link
on the website.

So if it appeals, please ask at your local newsagency. Being a fledgling publication, from an independent publisher, BLACK will need all the help it can get!

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