Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Supanova Sydney

Went to Supanova in Sydney on the weekend.

Had an excellent time. Finally caught up with Ben Templesmith, after much exchanging of email. Also, finally got to have a good chat with Marianne de Pierres (which I can't believe hasn't happened sooner).

And then of course there were the 'drawcards' - Supernatural heart-throb Jared Padalecki and Firefly/Serenity/Stargate Atlantis star Jewel Staite.

It was an interesting experience for an 'outsider' (ie, someone who has never seen any of these shows).

And I can really see how events such as Supanova work in terms of pulling in new fans - I left on Sunday feeling quite overwhelmed, knowing that there's about a billion hours of TV/movies/comics that I need to catch up on.

Speaking of catching up, I met up with Stuart McKenny, who I used to work with ages ago at Quest Newspapers. At the time he was trying to break through into comics. It was excellent to see he has done just that.


Kate Eltham said...

*squee* You got to meet Ben Templesmith!?

Gary Kemble said...

Yes. He is a funny/nice/slightly twisted guy!