Tuesday, September 09, 2008

'Import/Export' in Artworker magazine

My short story 'Import/Export' has been published in issue 2 of Artworker magazine in the More Than Words feature.

More Than Words involves an emerging creative writer interpreting an artwork.

In this instance, I applied some sf with a twist of Steinbeck to Sam Smith's video work 'Street Shift', which won this year's $10,000 Wilson HTM National Art Prize.

I was an interesting experience for me. I'd had this idea bubbling in the back of my brain for a few month's, and then I saw 'Street Shift' and - click!

You can view some of Smith's 'Street Shift' and then read 'Import/Export' here (PDF - my story starts on page 14).

This was my first commissioned piece of writing - thanks very much to Kate Eltham at Queensland Writers Centre for setting it up for me.

And if you're not a member of QWC, I suggest you join so that you too can be in the frame for projects such as this!


Kate Eltham said...

Got my copy today, Gary. It's a great story!

Gary Kemble said...

Thanks Kate. Given the short time frame (I think I had about two weeks to write it) I was pretty happy.