Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brisbane Writers Festival reading

Just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who came out for the One Book Many Brisbanes reading at Brisbane Writers Festival today.

We were up against some stiff competition so I (and all the other panellists) really appreciate it.

It was an interesting session -- it would have been good if there had been time for questions.

A couple of things that really resonated with me:

* Jennifer Barrett's story about how, with bare days to go until the competition closed (having decided she'd never finish her story in time), she had a dream where her husband was holding up a copy of the book. He said: "Why do we have all these copies of the same book?" The book he was holding up was the previous year's OBMB edition! She found the competition details and realised that 20 copies of the anthology was part of the prize! Then she took a day off work to finish her story.

* Rena Frohman used her $6,000 to buy 'time'. A brilliant idea. She bought 20 Thursdays off from work, and says she has had a very productive 15 weeks so far.

Now, I have to get off my backside and finish my story for this year's competition!

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