Monday, October 13, 2008

'Dead Air': Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2009

Angela Challis emailed me yesterday to tell me that my zombie story "Dead Air" will be reprinted in Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 2009.

"Dead Air", first published in Zombies, tells the story of an undead freakout on-board a 747 en route from Los Angeles to Brisbane.

I'd like to thank Zombies editor Robert N Stephenson who, firstly, picked up the story and, secondly, gave it a kickarse ending.

As all emerging writers will know, feedback from editors is vital to honing your skills.

I'd also like to thank Robert Hood. I almost didn't write the story because I was worried it might be too similar to a film that was in production about the same time I had the idea.

Rob had some sage words of advice for me, which gave me the motivation to continue with the story.

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