Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Specfic: so hot right now

Had the pleasure of interviewing John Birmingham earlier this week, for a feature I'm writing for Black magazine about Without Warning.

The world may be going to hell in a handbasket but according to Birmo that's good news for fellow speculative fiction writers.

"I was actually at a booksellers conference the other day, I went down to talk to the managers of all the Borders stores in the country about Without Warning and we were having a chat before I got up to do my pimpin', and they were saying that escapist literature is very, very popular at the moment and they think the reason is people are just turning away from the world of real things because real things just aren't all that fun at the moment."

The You can check out the full article in issue 3 of Black magazine, available in all good newsagencies mid-November.

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Brian G Ross said...

That's good to hear -- there can never be too much interest in speculative fiction!