Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tweet digest

  • 08:57 RT @abcnews: Opinion: Should arts funding be the first thing to go when times get tough? Have your say: #
  • 09:01 @gary_kemble ha ha. #
  • 10:32 @rosieryan I remembered the url for that chatroom thingie: #
  • 10:35 @OzAlleyCat It'll be ok. There's room for more than one Beersheba book in this world. #
  • 10:37 @CristenTilley To be fair, the 'before' shot looks like it has been Photoshopped ('Wrinkle' filter +10, 'Sag' filter +05) #
  • 11:07 Dead Rising 2: #
  • 11:28 @OzAlleyCat Worst case scenario: rewrite it with ZOMBIES! That'd be kinda cool. :) #
  • 11:28 RT @abcnews: What do you think about research showing most new #twitter users abandon it after a month? Have your say: #
  • 14:56 @melbsmudges You're on a roll. Can you ask them if they'll take a look at my horror ms pitch? ;) #
  • 15:19 RT @abcnews: Indie game developer Farbs has quit his job via video game #
  • 20:25 Almost 10k done on new novel. Only 80k or so to go! #
  • 20:29 And on the short story front, just slashed 2.5k out of 5.3k story, on advice from mentor. You have no idea how good that feels! #
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