Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grant year, week two: thinking and reading

This isn't officially week two. We were away on holidays and I was fairly confident I wouldn't get any actual writing done (although I did still pack the Mac, just in case) so I shifted my two 'grant days' to later in the year.

What I did do was a lot of thinking. I've fleshed out more of my protagonist's back story, and I started thinking about how tattooed I want my 'tattooed man' to be.

Saw plenty of tattoos on show at Noosa/Noosaville. I take a good look at every design I see now.

I also got some solid reading done. I finished fellow Brisbane author Trent Jamieson's Managing Death (part 2 of his 'Death Works' series - good read) and also Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars (which is the darkest set of stories he's written for quite some time).

And today my wife gave me a short break, so I managed to get a little bit of writing. Probably under a thousand words, but it takes my total count to close to 10,000, which is in the ballpark of the 5k a week that I'm hoping to get done. If I can hit that target I should have a first draft by the end of June, and that means I can spend the second half of the year knocking it into shape.

I also did a bit of a rewrite on 'Ashes to Ashes', which I'm hoping to submit to Ticonderoga Publications' Damnation and Dames anthology. This isn't technically part of my grant, but I would like to keep a bit of momentum going with the short stories.

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