Thursday, December 07, 2006

Don't give up on your stories!

Found out yesterday that Espresso Fiction is going to publish my short story, "Pine Coffin, Folded Flag", on January 23.

This has been a long, long journey for this piece. I really care about it, I've always liked it, I stuck with it and I've finally found a home for it.

The story of a tortured Vietnam War draft dodger started life back in 2000 as "Have Spade, Will Travel", became "The Gravedigger's Apprentice" before finally becoming "Pine Coffin, Folded Flag".

Along with the title, the text has gradually been polished over the years, and the end changed slightly.

It was shortlisted for a short story competition (I think the Alan Marshall one), attracted a 'nice' rejection note from Meanjin, made the short-list with Gambara, and now will finally be published.

So if you really care about a story, never give up on it!


Anonymous said...

I've been tryin' to get into Espresso Fiction for ages. Well done. You're right, you have to keep pluggin' away with these things.

As an aside, I will be in the first issue of the print version of Gambara. Lookin' forward to that.

Gary Kemble said...

Gambara - that's fantastic Brian! I really think it's a case of finding the right market for the right story. Still, nothing beats the thrill of knowing your stories are out there, in with a chance!