Thursday, December 07, 2006

Interview with Brimstone Press co-founder

Shane Jiraiya Cummings had this to say when I asked him why Brimstone Press decided to launch with two anthologies...

Leading with these titles is a step to gain wider recognition for the form, the genre, and these writers. Establishing a readership in the wider community requires someone to take that first step and expose the talents of these writers. If Brimstone Press didn't do it, who would? There is a tremendous wealth of ability in the small press speculative genres - horror, fantasy, and science fiction. We're looking to tap into this undercurrent of talent.

Read the full feature here.


Anonymous said...

Great article, Gary - makes for good readin'. It's about time someone held the flag aloft for the Antipodean authors out there (I count myself amongst them). It's amazin' how much talent there is lurkin' in the small press if you care to look.

Gary Kemble said...

Thanks Brian. You're right, it's great that Shane and Angela are doing this.

The other thing I often wonder is whether we as writers are doing enough to 'evangelise' what we do. If evangelise is the right word.

As spec fic writers we know there's some great stuff in small press publications, but maybe we could be doing more to spread the word to people outside the community.

Christmas is coming! The perfect opportunity!