Monday, October 26, 2009

Fantastic day at Brisbane Zombie Walk

It was kind of weird, covering the Brisbane Zombie Walk yesterday.

I keep thinking of weddings. First stop for Giulio Saggin (ABC News Online snapper - see one of this great photos above) and myself was at the home of organisers Cara Westworth and Anthony Radaza.

People were rushing around all over the place getting ready. Peter Tame from MarzFX was creating gruesome wounds with latex and make-up. Cara's mum was over at the stove, whipping up some more fake blood.

It had that 'getting ready for a wedding' vibe.

Then, when it was all over, there was a strange sense of loss. And extreme exhaustion!

I emailed Anthony to thank him for his help and he msged back, thanking me for 'sharing their special day'.

Again - weddings!

Well, there were certainly enough zombie brides there!

You can check out some stills and footage from the walk, or upload your own, at the Pool. Also, heaps of people are posting stuff to the BZW Facebook page.

I also wrote a short story for ABC News Online, which you can read here. (Our special presentation will be up in about a month).

Thanks again to everyone who helped me out.

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nigel said...

Here's some of my images from the Zombie Walk.