Sunday, October 11, 2009

Research for new book

I wrote the first draft of my new novel following some guidelines from Cory Doctorow, which included not stopping for research, but instead typing TK and then coming back to it later.

Anyway, I recently finished my TKs, and I thought it might be of interest to post them here.

You can get an idea of what kind of book it is, as well as stuff I previously didn't know!

Passenger ferry:

Luxury yacht layout:

Joint strike fighter:

The lake the city is on:

His gun:

Ammo .32 ACP

Her gun:

His ex-wife: Michelle

His son: deceased: Alex


Remington 870 pump action: Ammo: 

Assault rifle:

M4 Ammo:

Wegener’s dad: Antony

Chicago Police Dept:

US army standard issue assault rifle: Ammo: 5.56mm

His dad’s unit in Vietnam:

MP5: Ammo:

Illinois breweries:

When did it start: 9am

Where they were parked: Golem Parade

US army sniper rifle: M24 Ammo: .300 Winchester Magnum

US army sniper school: Camp Robinson Arkansas

Toyota Hiace:

SWAT armoured car: Engine:

Air-to-surface missile:

Sears Tower: Location: S Wacker Drive

World Trade Centre:

Sky lobby in Wills Tower 33/34 and 65/66:

US tank: M1 Abrams

Giant honey bees shimmer in waves

Antennas of top of Sears Tower:

Black Hawk:

M60 machine gun: Ammo: .308 calibre

Anti-tank missiles: Javelin

USMC weapons:

M41A carbine: with underslung grenade launcher:

Daisy Cutter:

James Montgomery, SEAL Team Six

Pancho: Michaels’ offsider

North Avenue Bridge: 50-ft drop


Darryl Mason said...

A fascinating list. And an interesting way to promote a book, too. No summary, no plot hint, just the research links. Consider me intrigued.

Gary Kemble said...

Hah! A bit early for promotion but I'm glad you're intrigued.