Friday, November 27, 2009

Tweet digest

  • 08:14 @stilgherrian there's a link to all winners on there now. #
  • 08:22 @stilgherrian Wasn't me, it was our valiant news crew. #
  • 08:25 @stilgherrian Re: your article yesterday, did you check stats from other sources eg Alexa? #
  • 08:30 @stilgherrian It could just mean more people are coming to news via social media, rather than Google? #
  • 08:31 @stilgherrian Which would be bad news for search en gines, rather than MSM. #
  • 08:32 @stilgherrian Someone with more money. #
  • 08:36 @stilgherrian Thank you for filtering for me! #
  • 08:59 RT @CUhlmann: The Liberal Catch-22: you'd have to be mad to want to run the party #
  • 09:19 I'm putting together a list for @abcnews of Australian federal press gallery journos on Twitter. Pls send me your suggestions. #
  • 09:24 Re: press gallery tweeters, here's what I've got so far: Missing anyone? #
  • 11:04 @oliyoung @neerav's list features political journos who may not be based in Canberra. #
  • 11:12 'dutton' trending in Canberra, according to Trendsmap: :) #spill #
  • 11:16 No surprises on the map of Australia... Although, it's intriguing that 'turkey' is trending in WA. #
  • 12:05 @oliyoung No worries. #< /a>
  • 12:05 @BernardKeane It's stuffed, on and off. I managed to get in a while back. #
  • 12:51 RT @abcunleashed There's a real danger that Twitter will further emphasise journalistic process over substance. #
  • 13:37 RT @abcnews: Breaking news: Tony Abbott confirms he has formally asked for a Liberal leadership spill on Monday. #spill #
  • 14:50 Reading: @rosieryan's six bridges cycle tour blog. #
  • 15:04 RT @renailemay: Word is that Conroy has released the #nocleanfeed filter report, but I can't find an ything about it. Anyone know? #
  • 19:45 @JohnBirmingham Okay Birmo. You need to hand. The iPhone. Over. :) #
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