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AussieCon 4 links... and then some!

I know I said I was done with the AussieCon 4 posts, but Twitter friend @illegibscrib has sent me this EPIC collection of AussieCon 4 links. Thank you @illegibscrib - con-goers the world over salute you!


2010 Hugo Winners and Nominees (includes voting breakdowns)
Masquerade Competition Winners
All Aussiecon4 Convention Newsletters (The Echidna)

Kevin Standlee
Video: 2010 Hugo Awards Ceremony
Video: Worldcon Chairs Photo Session

Jo Walton
Ditmar Awards 2010

Cheryl Morgan
Video: Ditmar Awards 2010
Video: Aussiecon 4 Opening Ceremonies
Video: Aussiecon 4 Closing Ceremonies
Video: Aussiecon 4 Fan Guest of Honour Speech by Robin Johnson
Worldcon, Day 1
The Dead Critics Panel
Smoke Filled Rooms
My Terrorist Resume Expands

Voyager Books
Maria Quinn wins Norma K Hemming Award

Galactic Suburbia
Links to Aussiecon4 Podcasts

London in 2014
Aussiecon Update

Photos from Aussiecon4 / Worldcon 68

Gary Kemble
In pictures: The Nightmare Ball
(panels and summaries)
The story behind Switzerland's first sf movie (Cargo)
Kim Stanley Robinson still betting on utopia
The future of short stories
Drinking the Kool Aid at WorldCon
Ebooks: the future is now
Finally, my AussieCon4 wrap
Audio: Interview with Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Audio: Kim Stanley Robinson Guest of Honour speech
Audio: Charlie Stross on ebooks
Audio: ebooks and the publishing industry panel
Audio: Kim Stanley Robinson on climate change
Audio: Directions in Australian Horror
(author interviews)
Interview: Marianne de Pierres
Interview: Tim Holman
Interview: Angela Slatter
Interview: Rowena Cory Daniells
Interview: Trent Jamieson
Interview: Helen Stubbs (Winner of Aussiecon4 Short Story Competition)
Interview: Kaaron Warren
Interview: Graham Storrs
Interview: Cory Doctorow

John Scalzi
Tales from Melbourne
My Big News: I’m Toastmaster of Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon

Paul Cornell
How Australia Was

Seanan McGuire
Officially the Princess of the Kingdom of Poison and Flame

Gail Carriger
WorldCon AussieCon4 Day 1 Friday
WorldCon AussieCon4 Day 2 Saturday
WorldCon AussieCon4 Day 3 Sunday: Final Report
Quick Check In After WorldCon AussieCon4

Catherynne M Valente
Notes on Losing My First Hugo

Trudi Canavan
My AussieCon4 ‘Report’

Peter Watts
Worth the Price

Tansy Rayner Roberts
Feminist Fail and Win at Aussiecon 4
Thoughts from Worldcon
Yet Another Worldcon Post

Jennifer Fallon
Musing on the Panels Stuff-up at Worldcon

Helen Lowe
An Interview with Cheryl Morgan: Reprised for Worldcon
Worldcon: Two Days In
Worldcon: It’s All Over Now

Helen Lowe (Orbit Books)
UNconventional: Worldcon & Me

Nicola Pitt (Orbit Books)
Worldcon photos from last weekend!

Tracey O'Hara (HarperCollins)
Aussiecon4, or the 68th Annual World Science Fiction Convention

Kathleen Jennings
Aussiecon4 / Worldcon Sketchbook

Kyla Ward (AHWA)

Alan Baxter
Worldcon, the story so far
Worldcon wrap, part two
Worldcon panel – Novellas
Worldcon panel – The eternal border
Aussiecon4 photos – last post

David D Levine
The Days Are Just Packed - Aussiecon, days 1-2
The Days Are Just Packed - Aussiecon, days 3-4
The Days Are Just Packed - I've seen the Southern Cross for the first time

Graham Clements
My Writing Week 3 (35) - Aussiecon
My Writing Week 3 (36) - More on Aussiecon
Aussiecon 4 - Young Adult Panels

Foz Meadows
Worldcon Wrap

Stephen Dedman (and possibly others) – Talking Squid
Worldcon 2010 Observations

Deborah Biancotti
Oh, yeah, there was a WorldCon

Brian Thurogood
YA Speculative Fiction continues to gain readers and importance
AussieCon4 – a ‘science’ failure
Artists’ Paradox of “a knock at the door” at AussieCon4
The Eternal Border, a discussion on taboos at the 2010 WorldCon
The steampunk playground within speculative fiction
Pitching the novel – advice from AussieCon4
Cyberpunk and the City – the view from AussieCon4
Fantastic Females – writers discuss feminism at WorldCon
We’re all connected, all the time – blogs and social networking in the world of YA spec fic
Making a living – professional writing for speculative fiction authors

Australian Literature Review

On ‘Anachronistic Attitudes: Writing thought and belief in historical fiction’
On ‘Destroying the Future to Save the Planet’
On ‘Nuts and Bolts: Editing YA Spec Fic’
On ‘Keeping Pace: Maintaining momentum in fiction’
On ‘Write What You Know’
On ‘In Conversation: Kim Stanley Robinson and Robert Silverberg’
On ‘Girl Meets Boy Meets Dragon: Romance in fantasy’
On ‘Steal the Past, Build the Future: New histories for fantasy fiction’
On ‘Thinking in Trilogies’
On ‘The Novella’
On ‘Kim Stanley Robinson – Guest of Honour Speech’
On ‘Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey’
On ‘Losing the Plot: Plotting in advance VS writing as you go’
On ‘Crowns and Swords: The intertwined worlds of fantasy and monarchy’
On ‘Hand-waving Rule Bending and Other Dirty Tricks of Hard SF’
On ‘The Race to the Red Planet’
(author interviews)
Mary Victoria – Author Interview
Fiona McIntosh – Author Interview
Ben Chandler – Author Interview
David D. Levine – Author Interview
Kim Stanley Robinson – Author Interview
Kate Forsyth – Author Interview
Zoe Walton – Publisher Interview

Rachel Hyland (Geek Speak Magazine)
Conventional Wisdom: A WorldCon Memoir
Living the Fairy Tale: an interview with Seanan McGuire

The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne
Melbourne Gets its Geek On

Parker Strahn
Aussiecon 4: Day One (Thursday)
Aussiecon 4: Day Two (Friday)
Aussiecon 4: Day Three (Saturday)
Aussiecon 4: Day Four (Sunday)
Aussiecon 4: Day Five (Monday)

Nicole Murphy
AussieCon - so far
AussieCon - going on
AussieCon - relaxacon
AussieCon 4 - the conclusion

Lord Mountain Goat
Video: GRRM, Bringing Game of Thrones to HBO (part 1 - spoilers!)
Video: GRRM, Bringing Game of Thrones to HBO (part 2 - spoilers!)
Video: GRRM, Bringing Game of Thrones to HBO (part 3 - spoilers!)
Video: GRRM Answers Fan Questions

Jake Stormoen
A Game of Thrones HBO Panel at AussieCon (Worldcon)

A Game of Thrones HBO Panel at AussieCon (Worldcon)

James (WOTLuckers)
Worldcon Report (Including Kaffeklatsch with George R R Martin)

Aussie Chris
Meeting George R.R. Martin

World Con 2010 Day 1
World Con 2010 Days 2 and 3
World Con 2010 Day 4
World Con 2010 Day 5

Ameel Zia Khan
Aussiecon 4: Day 1
Aussiecon 4: Day 2
Aussiecon 4: Day 3
Aussiecon 4: Day 4
Aussiecon 4: Day 5

Kathryn Andersen
Worldcon 2010 - Day 1
Worldcon 2010 - Day 2
Worldcon 2010 - Day 3
Worldcon 2010 - Day 4
Worldcon 2010 - Day 5

Shane on the Go
Worldcon - day 2
Worldcon - day 2 - after lunch
Worldcon - Day 3 - Part 1
Worldcon - Day 3 - Part 2
Worldcon - Day 4 - Part 1
Worldcon - Day 4 - Part 2... and then it was over ...
Video: Robert Silverberg on Novellas: The Perfect Format
The Hugos

Soon Lee
Aussiecon: Day One
Aussiecon: Day Two
Aussiecon: Day Three
Aussiecon: Day Four
Aussiecon: Day Five
Hugos 2010 voting statistics: musings
Aussiecon 4: WTF moments. Picks for 2011

Day One: Environmental Politics in SFF
Day Two: Robinson and Silverberg in Conversation
More about Aussiecon 4

One con ends...another begins.
WorldCon Day 4
End of the WorldCon, and I feel fine

Megan Burke
Aussie Con 4 - My First Panel (inclusive of legs, nerds, boys and fruit)
Musings on a sense of community in Aussie Con 4 & MWF
Aussie Con 4 - Wrap Up

Patty Jansen
Write What You Know
The Next Step: Should We Go to Mars?

M A Miller
Promoting your book to the converted: AussieCon 4 from an author’s perspective

Celia Powell
AussieCon 4 Roundup

Tez Miller
AussieCon 4

Aussiecon IV

Julia B
What I've learned from the Pros

Thoughts Spurred by WorldCon (In Particular, "Characters Dress Themselves, A Mantra")

Satima Flavell
A worldcon is a wond'rous thing, God wot!

Con Reporter
Preliminary WSFS Business Meeting Report
Main WSFS Business Meeting Report
Sunday WSFS Business Meeting Report


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