Saturday, September 04, 2010

In pictures: the Nightmare Ball

My photos from the Australian Horror Writers Association's Nightmare Ball, at AussieCon 4.

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kesalemma said...

Do you mind if I link in LJ and Facebook to the photo of me? I'm the one in the wedding dress ;)

Gary Kemble said...

Not at all! In fact, those pictures are all CC licensed so, provided you credit me as the photographer and it's not for commercial purposes, you can grab the original from this flickr set and do what you will with any of the photos!

Great costume, by the way.

All the best,

Chaz said...

God, I look underdressed compared to Bean and Ned (the ones dressed in the Mannequimn outfits)!

Gary Kemble said...

Yes, but you underdressed in style!