Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Australia Council grant

I've been walking around like a... well, a zombie since Monday, when a letter turned up telling me that my Australia Council New Work grant application was successful.

I was so sure that I'd missed out that I read it as a rejection letter, then went back. Saw the words 'delighted to advise'... thought, that's a bit insensitive... went back, read it halfway through.

I realised that my grant application had been successful. Tweeted. Read the rest of the letter, which told me not to tell anyone until Wednesday. Deleted the tweet.

I still can't really believe it. There were 13 successful applications. My lucky number this year - I was on floor 13 at AussieCon 4.

The grant means I'm going to be able to take some time off work to do stuff that I can't do when I usually write (at night), namely interviews and research (library research).

The project is called 'Skin Deep' and is about tattoos, ghosts, Brisbane, corruption, politics.

So now I've got even more incentive to clear my plate by finishing the edit on 'Metamorphosis' before the end of the year!

I have to heartily thank Kate Eltham and the Queensland Writers Centre. Kate ran an excellent seminar on grant writing earlier this year. So far I'm two from two!

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Trent Jamieson said...

Couldn't think of a more deserving writer, Gary!

Can't wait to see what that extra time produces.

Congratulations, mate.

Gary Kemble said...

Thanks Trent. And thanks for all your support. (Both the support you've already given me and the support I'm counting on in 2011!)

Trent Jamieson said...

Count away, bud !Always up for a coffee or a beer :)